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Dental Hygiene Smiles

Community Dental Hygiene Clinic

"Tooth Huggers" love to see you smile. Really, we do. That's because we take great pride in offering the most up-to-date dental hygiene care techniques in a pleasant atmosphere, provided by knowledgeable and experienced dental hygienists. We know that every great smile--your smile--is the sign that we've done our job to provide a high level of care.


At our dental hygiene clinic, our clients enjoy:

-- Intra-oral camera which allows you to see your teeth close up

-- Custom sports mouthguards

-- Bleaching trays for a whiter smile

-- Televisions provided in each treatment room

Tooth Hugger:

"A person who cares for their teeth and believes in the benefit of good oral hygiene, nutrition and exercise for their overall health"

Insurance Forms

Hate paperwork? We know you do. That's why we take care of insurance form submittal for you...

Services are covered by most insurance plans using the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association fee guide

Yes, we would love to be your Dental Hygiene Care Providers!


 New client oral examination and assessment ~ 50% off!


Seniors (60 years and better) ~ $135.00 includes the new client exam, 30 minutes of scaling and polish **if additional scaling needed then price increases**


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Meet the tooth huggers:

Gail and Linda 

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Dental Hygiene Smiles - Dental Hygiene Clinic in Thunder Bay

We are "tooth huggers" and we would like to help you become a "tooth hugger" tooth (oops, we mean too!)